Vintage Baluch Tribal Pendant Flower Accents Ethnic Focal (#7443)


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Vintage tribal pendant from Baluchistan. This has a dome center, flower motifs, and a series of jingling round dangles. The flowers on the dome and the bails are all visible and intact. Flowers are used as a symbol of beauty and life. The jewels are a mix of original and replacements. You could use this for jewelry, as part of a headdress, or for hanging as decor. The metal color is an oxidized, mostly silver-tone. There is a subtle warm hue most likely due to copper content.. This is 4.5" long by about 2.75" wide. The dangles make a sound with movement to not only ward off the evil eye but to announce your presence. Most likely from Quetta Valley, Baluchistan.

Different monitors and phone apps show colors differently. I do my best to accurately document color using both photos and written descriptions. If you have any questions, please send me a message.