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ATS or Tribal Dance Belt Size 38" - 50" Beautiful Chain and Accents


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Fabulous tribal fusion or ATS belly dance belt loaded with buttons, a beaded portion, pom poms, and amazing chain.
The base of the belt is 38", not including the ties. If your hips are smaller than 38" around, this will be too big for you.
There are two 10" ties - so an additional 20" to adjust larger, but I'd suggest using at least 8" of that to tie closed.
You could use as-is or add more embellishments to create a signature style.
This is perfect for all kinds of fusion and ATS attire but wears just as well for festivals, etc.
Many of the components on this piece are vintage. The buttons are reproductions.
Makes a nice jingle with movement to both announce your arrival and ward off the evil eye.
This weighs about 14 ounces.