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15" Kuchi Clove Tassel Well-Traveled Tribal Talisman (#6652)


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Handmade beaded Kuchi tribal clove tassel. This well-traveled piece has seen a lot of miles - there are some missing cloves and beads. It's about 15" long. The triangular portion has a series of evil eye symbols. The tassel is used as a means of protection. The fringe is made from cloves and beaded flowers. The cloves have retained their scent - please note if you have sensitivities to fragrance and/or plant oils. There is an updated loop at the top so you can readily hang this in your home. I would suggest that you don't use this on any project where there will be excessive use - such as a bag or dance belt - due to the well-traveled strings on the fringe. There are some dusty crevices and a handmade appearance - perfect for those that like items with stories to tell.