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Ethnic tribal jewelry, supplies, and artisan wares,

"Numi" is short for the word "numinous" - meaning of or relating to numen, the supernatural, or divine. For me, this word has many applications, both in the description of some of the items I find, but also in the interaction I've experienced with people along the way.

I am a creative person who loves experimenting with different mediums - beading, metalsmithing/silversmithing, enameling, sewing, painting, sculpture, furniture making, and more. NumiSupplies is not only a shop where you'll find vintage jewelry and supplies - you'll also find many of my creations as well.

I strive to provide an honest and engaging store which you'll return to again and again. I am constantly trying to improve my listings so you can learn more about the beautiful global arts I sell. If you have any questions about history, origins, or just want to share your own experience, feel free to convo me - I'd love to hear from you.

Jennifer, NumiSupplies

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